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Baby Facts : 10 Unknown Facts About Babies

Baby Facts : 10 unknown facts about babies

   Today I will discuss about newborn babies. A baby is a very special and priceless gift for its parents. It is very important to know some facts about babies for new parents. This facts may save them to put their baby in trouble. But we doesn’t have enough information and knowledge about new born babies. We think babies are very delicate and their senses are not powerful as ours. I discuss some interesting and unknown facts about babies that will be change your mind about new born babies.

1. A newborn baby sees in black and white

baby Facts 1    When new born babies open their eyes, they can see everything in black and white because their nerves are disoriented after birth. Baby’s nerve system takes three months to grow perfectly, after three months they discern mummy and daddy’s faces more clearly and fix on them.

2. A newborn baby does not cry tears

baby fact 2

       Yes it is true that newborn baby does not cry tears. Perhaps you did not notice it but I am sure you will do this after reading this.

While newborns are born with working tear ducts and glands, they only produce enough tears to lubricate and protect the eye- which means there is no excess to roll down your baby’s cheeks. This ability develops toward the end of the first month.

3 . A baby has 270 bones at birth

baby facts 3

      A newborn baby has about 270 to 350 bones in her body which is more than a adult body. As the baby grows some of the bones such as those in the skull fuse together that’s why we all have 206 bones in our body.

4 .  In first year baby’s body growth is very fast

baby facts 4    In first year baby grow at incredible rate. Babies usually grow in length by about an inch by a month(2.5 cm) during the first six months, and around one half inch a month from six month the one year. This fact makes you laugh – If a baby continued to grow at the same rate as during the first year, it would be 30 feet tall by the time its 20 years old.

5. Baby’s eyes are 75% their adult size

baby facts5        At birth a baby’s eye is about 75% of the size of the adult eye but its vision is around 20/400. By 6 to 8 weeks of age infants fix their gaze on an object and follow its movements. Baby’s eyes develop 20/20 vision within 2 years.

6. Brain uses 50% of body glucose

baby facts 6      A baby’s brain can use as much as 50% of the total glucose supply which is why babies tend to sleep more often. By this comparison, an adult’s brain consumes 20% of the body’s supply of glucose and sleep improves the glucose uptake into the brain.

7. A baby has 3 times as many taste buds as adults

baby facts 7

    Infants have around 30,000 taste buds spread throughout their mouths. By the time we hit adulthood, only about a third of these remain, mostly on our tongues. So eating is an intense experience for the baby.

8. Repair damaged organs of the mother

baby facts 8       A baby in the womb can send stem cells to repair damaged organs of the mother. The fetus is able to send stem cells from its own body to its mother. This stem cells plays key role to heal mother’s damaged organs.

9. Babies are born with ability to swim

baby facts 9          It is not true that babies are born with the ability to swim, though they have reflexes that make it look like they are. A reflex called the baby cardiac response makes babies hold their breath and open their eyes when submerged in water.

10 . Baby can’t taste salt

baby facts 10

     Baby can’t taste salt until its 4 months old. This is because their kidneys are yet to develop in their bodies to be able to process out salt from their bodies.

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