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Best Games for Kids | 10 Best Games for Kids

Best Games for Kids | 10 Best Games for Kids

Nowadays, there is an increase awareness for the proper development of children, as parents focus more and more on their education and growth. As kids spend most of their time playing, it  is very important to choose the best games for your child, that should  incorporate practical abilities, skills, logical thinking, or other capacities. This article presents top ten best games for children that have a positive influence upon kids behavior, in the same time contributing to the proper development of his/her character. Therefore, we suggest parents should choose from these 10 Best Games for Kids.

10. Sorry!


      The last game from our list, Sorry!, consists from 5 set of cards: Bully, Buddy, Punish, Happy, and Way Sorry!. This strategy game is for kids of at least 6 years old. Players need to draw cards, and then are requested to progress around the board. The main objective is to arrive to the end of the line. Still, participants can send each other back on the board game, and even make one start all over again. This is why is called Sorry!.


9.Cady Land


        Cady Land, a very popular game between children,  is mainly preferred because of its characters (Mally Mallo, Twirly Girl, Cutie Cone and Giggly Gumdrop), destinations, and its taste of adventure. Hence, any kid would love to walk along its magical road filled with surprises, while imagining they are in the shoes of their favorite characters. The winner is the first to arrive at the King Kandy’s Castle.


8. Apple to Apples

apples to apples     The 8th game in line is Apple to Apples, designed for children of age 9 at least. The number of participants ranges between 4 and 10. The game contains 216 red cards,  72 green cards, and 1 card tray. The game starts by providing every player with 5 faced down red apple cards. a “judge” is coordinating each round. The purpose of the game is to get as much green apples as possible, by matching the red ones with them. The winner of the game will be the first one scoring 4 green apples




    The next game that is a suitable option for kids would be Checkers. Having 2 participants only, its main objective is to eliminate the pieces of the other player from the board. The rules of the game involve more types of moves, from simple moves, to jumps, or even multiple jumps.

     We highly recommend this game because it develops many of kids’ abilities, such as logical thinking, strategy, the capacity of analysis, or their analytical thinking


6. Hungry Hungry Hippos

hungry hippos

       Number 6 in our top is reserved for the Hungry Hungry Hippos game, for preschool children of at least 4 years old. This game allows between 2 and 4 players, and consists of a board with 4 hippopotamuses that are meant to eat marbles and thus score points. When there are no marbles left, the participant with the highest number of marbles wins the game.


5. Hi Ho! Cherry-o

Hi-Ho-cherry o

Out top five game, Hi Ho! Cherry-o, can have at least 2 and at most 5 participants. The game is for kids between 3 to 6 years old. It contains a game board with a spinner. The rules are very simple: each one of the player is given a tree card and needs to place 10 cherries on this tree; then, as players use the spinner, the spin can show more scenarios (from picking 1/2/3/4 cherries, to place back some cherries on the tree, or even start the game from the beginning). The winner is the one collecting 10 cherries in his/her bucke



4. Guess Who ?

      Another notorious game is  Guess Who, that assumes players trying to guess characters picked randomly by opponents, by asking a set of questions that can be answered with “yes” or “no”. This game develops the logical thinking ability of your kid. It consists of two game boards, 48 small face cards, and 24 mystery face cards. The game is over when one of the players is able to guess correctly the opponent’s character.



    Number three on our list is Battleship, a game in which players have to guess where others hold their warships, and then eliminate them. Most of the times the game has two participants. Further on, it uses two grids per player, that is four in total. The game assumes a set of rounds, in which each of the player chooses a target and shots a square of one of the opponents’ ships. When all the participant ships are sink, the game is over.


2.The Game of Life

The Game of life

     The next in line is Game of Life. This game prepares the children for future stages in their lives: college, marriage, home purchase, working and earning money, etc. The main purpose is to accumulate as many assets as possible.

     The game assumes a set of moves along a linear board as you spin the wheel from the centre of this board. Also, there are spaces that send you forward or backwards on the board, and tokens with dollar value that can earn.

    This is an excellent family game and we kindly recommend it for children aged 8 and above. The number of players oscillates between 2 and 6.


1. UNO


       Our first option is UNO Game, a card game initiated in the US, containing 108 cards in four colors (yellow,  green, blue and red), 25 each and ranking from zero to nine. There are also three action cards (“Skip”, “Draw Two”, and “Reverse”) and two specific cards, four each type (“Wild” and “Wild Draw Four” ).

      The rules are not very complicated. Each participant in the game receives 7 cards, face down, and then the top card is set as Discard Pile. The scope of the game is to match the Discard Pile by symbol (action), number, or color. The color of the Discard Pile can only be changed by a Wild card. In case there are no matches, the participant has to draw a card from the Draw Pile. The game ends when a player is left with only one card and he/she tells “UNO”. In case that player forgets about saying “UNO”, the game continues until one of the participants does not have any card at all. Each of the players aims to obtain 500 points.

    The game addresses to children aged 7 and more and can involve minimum 2 and maximum 10 participants


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