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Scuba Diving Tips | 7 Scuba Diving Tips for Avoiding Accidents

Scuba Diving Tips | 7 Scuba Diving Tips for Avoiding Accidents

          The risks of dying during recreational, scientific or commercial diving. Scuba diving deaths can be increase because poor quality of scuba diving equipment, poor gas management, poor buoyancy control, lack of scuba diving lessons,misuse of diving e,  Rough water condition and pre-existing health problems.

These are 7 Scuba Diving Tips for Avoiding Accidents

1 Dive within the limits of your training

Every year scuba divers die accidentally in caves. They are not trained properly to dive. Frequently divers without proper training die inside the overhead environment of caves and wreck too. So proper training is essential for every scuba diver. Never try to dive without proper training.

  2 Get the right Gear

   Whether it’s wearing the correct  equipment  for under water conditions before a cave penetration,the right gear can enhance your safety. All life-support equipment should properly maintain, service regularly and inspect before every dive.

3 Take a refresher course

    Even when diving withing the limits of your training, take a refresher course to shake off the rust from a long lay-off.A little time spent in the pool before you take that trip of a lifetime vacation will pay big dividends.You will dive safer and you will have more fun because you will be more confident.

4 Get rescue certified

Every diver should know how to respond in an emergency,but the primary benefit of this class is that it will teach you to be responsible for your own safety.

5 Practice Safety skills

Practice critical dive skills,such as flooding and clearing your mask,recovering your reg, sharing air etc.

6 Stay in shape for diving

See your doctor about any medical condition that may limit your ability to dive safely. Maintain a level of general fitness so you are prepared to respond to any conditions..

7 Stay within your personal safety envelope

Don’t make any dive you are not comfortable with. There is nothing wrong with saying no, at least until you have the chance to get the appropriate training.

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