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Solo Ads | 2 ways to get high opt in rate from Solo Ads

Solo Ads | 2 ways to get high opt in rate from Solo Ads

Solo Ads Secret Strategies

What is solo ads ?

Solo ads are a very good and effective traffic generation tool for affiliate marketers. In simple words solo ads are paid email traffic which is built by an internet marketer who sells these lists to another marketer instead of monetizing this list promoting any affiliate or his own product.

   There are millions of affiliate marketers in the industry using different marketing strategies. Some marketers do not like to spend their time and energy to build list so they are go for solo ads.

For Example – Bob has 50000 subscriber list and he sells a solo ads for $2000.   Now you want to generate traffic from solo ads, so you contact Bob and purchase his subscriber list. Now Bob send email with your subject and body to his list and deal is over. When Subscriber open email and click to your link you can get traffic from bob’s subscriber.

  Due to risk and high cost of list little and low budget marketers cannot afford solo ads. So solo ad vendors has applied different strategies for their ads business and started to sell click instead of solo ads.

For Example – Bob has 50000 subscribers list and he sell click for $0.60 per click. When you contact Bob and say you want to buy 400 clicks now Bob will send emails some portion of his list until he delivered 400 clicks.

1) Ask Questions to Solo ad vendors

    It is little bit flustered to people tried solo ads as traffic source and they could not get result they are looking for. I want to explain them that Solo ads are traffic generation strategies and a very important marketing tool for affiliate marketers. The key to having effective results from solo ads is using this tool properly.

   I talk to many solo vendors and some genuine solo vendors who know their list properly and respect them as a individual person has refused to sell me solo ads because their list is overwhelmed with same offer. They have already sent this type of offer enough times and vendor doesn’t want to pitch them same offer again. But some fake and careless vendors do not care about this and sell ads to marketers. These solo ads will not perform well and got poor opt in rates and not click at all because no one in their list wants to see same offer again and again.

     So my strategy is to ask solo ad vendors questions like what type of his list, for which niche his list is built on ?, Did he/she use email swipes? etc

2) Use Different solo ad Source

There are so many internet marketers and they using solo ads as important traffic source. To Find Solo ads they usually using Google and type keywords related to solo ads and contact solo ads vendor which is available on first page of Google. I think this is not a right strategy. In this strategy so many marketers with same niche purchase solo ads from same source. I already share disadvantages of this strategy in above discussion.

    So my strategy is – go to Google and do not purchase any solo ad from 1 to 5 pages. Just start from 6th page and search for solo ad vendor. You will find new and untouched source of solo ad traffic which will perform well and it can provide you good quality traffic and high opt in rate.

   There are so many trustworthy solo ads vendors on internet but I will recommend you udimi as reliable and good source to contact so many solo ad vendors at one platform.

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