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Baby Facts : 10 Unknown Facts About Babies

Baby Facts : 10 unknown facts about babies

   Today I will discuss about newborn babies. A baby is a very special and priceless gift for its parents. It is very important to know some facts about babies for new parents. This facts may save them to put their baby in trouble. But we doesn’t have enough information and knowledge about new born babies. We think babies are very delicate and their senses are not powerful as ours. I discuss some interesting and unknown facts about babies that will be change your mind about new born babies.

1. A newborn baby sees in black and white

baby Facts 1    When new born babies open their eyes, they can see everything in black and white because their nerves are disoriented after birth. Baby’s nerve system takes three months to grow perfectly, after three months they discern mummy and daddy’s faces more clearly and fix on them.

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