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Upwork Test Answers | WordPress Upwork Test Answers 2017

Upwork Test Answers | WordPress Upwork Test Answers 2017

Hello every one and welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to write my first blog post related to my second category named “TECH LIFE”. Let’s get started.
upwork test  Here I am showing you something related to word’s biggest freelancing platform Upwork is very popular and big freelancing platform. Upwork providing much better and secure way to make money Online. To continue working as freelancer on Upwork, you have to find out your skills. what kind of skills you have ? for example Programming, content writing, Web Designing, Typing, Accounting and so many works like this. It is not necessary to have expertise in above fields of working. You can start by entry level projects and establish yourself getting more and more projects and practicing in particular field which you have knowledge about.

         When you create your profile on Upwork as freelancer. You have to fill details about your name, address, skills, Skill Level and some over view about you. After completing this basic information and submit profile, Upwork will review your profile and send you a mail with title “your name, Let’s get started” within 12 hours on submitting profile.

         After getting above mail your profile is complete 70%. Hence you can submit proposal now but before submitting any proposal to your future clients, your profile must be 100% . So how can you do that ?

  • You can share your working experience. You can submit your previously completed projects and overview about that projects. Upwork give you 5% for each projects.
  • Another way to increase your profile percentage is Upwork Test. Upwork Test will give you 10%. Upwork tests are very useful to give authentication to your profile.

         100% completed Upwork profile boost your profile and put a nice and professional picture among your clients. Consequently It is very important to have 100% complete profile on Upwork.

           If you are familiar with wordpress and you want to pass upwork test,  this article will be useful to pass Upwork wordpress test easily. I will cover some questions and answers   on Upwrok test 2017 which will assure you to pass the test 100%.  I will cover 25 questions and answers. When you start test on Upwork you maybe find this questions randomly. While you face this kind of situation you can simply press ctr + F and type any keyword of your question. You will find  that key word in the question and answer I provided in this post. However you will be asked about 50 questions but I can arrange 25 questions for you however these questions definitely help you to pass these test 100%.

Upwork Test Answers | WordPress Upwork Test Answers 2017


Q1.) select all the default taxonomies in wordpress.


1) category
2) post_tag
3) link_category
4) post_category

Q2.) which concept does wordpress uses to control user access to different features.

Ans.) Role

Q3.) Which of the following is a not default image size in WP?

Ans.) Small size

Q4.) What is the name of table in database which stores custom fields data?

Ans.) wp_postmeta

Q.5) What are WordPress hooks?

Ans.) group of plugins which control wordpress behavior

Q6.) How do you enable the network setup menu item(enable multisite) in wordpress?

Ans.) set WP_Allow_MULTISITE as true in wp_config.php

Q7.) how to style each list item background of the wordpress navigation separately.


nav li:nth-child(1).current-menu-item
background-color: red;
nav li:nth-child(2).current-menu-item
background-color: blue;
nav li:nth-child(3).current-menu-item
background-color: green;

Q8.)If you need to store information temporarily, which wordpress system would you use :

Ans.) Transients

Q9.) how do you enable debug mode in WP?

Ans.) By setting WP_DEBUG as true in WP-Config.php

Q10.) what can the contributer role do?

Ans.) Edit Posts

Q11.)  Which constant is NOT recognized in wp-config.php?

Ans.) wp_HOME_URL

Q12.)  Which wp global object is used to execute custom databse queries?

Ans.) $wpdb

Q13.)  Which one of the following files is located in the root of your wordpress installation directory and contains your website’s setup details, such as database connection info?


Q14.) what is user Management?

Ans.) WP User Manager. Managing your members, creating front-end profiles and custom login and registration pages should be easy. You easily add custom userregistration, login and password recovery forms to your WordPress website.

Q15.) How you can create a static page with wordpress?

Ans.) to create a static page in wordpress………

Q16.) Is it possible to create posts programmatically?

Ans.) Yes,with wp_insert_post() function

Q17.) which of the following is the correct way to register shortcode?

function foobar_func( $atts )
return “foo and bar”;
dd_shortcode( ‘foobar’, ‘foobar_func’ );

Q18.) What is wordpress multisite?

Ans.) wp configuration features that supports multiple sites.

Q19.) Which of the following is not a default user role in wp?

Ans.) Blogger

Q20.) What does wp_rand() function?

Ans.) Generates a random number.

Q21.) Which of the following is not a wordpress role?

Ans.) System

Q22.) Which of the following is incorrect possible value for $show attribute of bloginfo($show) function?

Ans.) ‘homeurl’

Q23.) pick the correct default post types readily available to users or internally used by the wordpress installation.


1) post
2) page

Q24.) what is common to all these functions: next_post,previous_post,link_pages,the _author_url,wp_get_link?

Ans.) They are all deprecated.

Q25.) WordPress navigation menu without sub menu.

Ans.) wp_nav_menu( array( ‘theme_location’ => ‘primary’, ‘menu_class’ => ‘nav-menu’,’depth’ => 1) ) );

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